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AOG Bonus Module 2 - Kin 219 Blue Spectral Storm

Presented by Michael Puskas (Kin 219 – Blue Lunar Storm)

On July 25th 2020 the brand new cycle for the 13 Moon calendar of the new Mayan year begins to run it’s course and Kin 219 Blue Lunar Storm and it’s galactic tone which is Lunar is all about counterbalance. Tone 2 Lunar represents the principle of Polarity and where YOU stand with your individuality (singularity) within it.

The gift of this cosmic identity in 2020 is to access the power of Counter-balance in every aspect of your life. 

This private bonus Module speaks in depth about activating your Lunar powers by honoring the yin and yang of life as contrasting aspects of one wholeness; by welcoming challenges as opportunities for strength and growth; by being a bearer of stability; by consciously challenging others - encouraging their expansion and development; by challenging the consensus reality; by being wakeful to the art of constructive opposition; by holding your personal perspective even when it isn't popular, and yet on the contrary, being able to make dramatic shifts that offer coherence as you feel moved by inner knowing; by striving to integrate your inner polarities, and stabilize your own equilibrium; by understanding obstacles to be necessary creative tension that can open new pathways of evolution; by aspiring to be firmly steadied within the constant pulling of night and day, in breath and out breath, moon and sun, self and world...

A hell of a mouthful I admit but to put into one simple to understand sentence, this is a new Mayan year about rebirth and death for every aspect of your life and your being invited to make yourself available without fear or anxiety to whatever shows up.

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What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

Welcome and greetings to the first introductory module course of the Alchemy of Grace brought to you by the 7th Sense team & Golden Life Wisdom Productions. We have endeavored to strip away the remaining attachment, to the toxic residue that is left over from the dissolving of the third density matrix. The third density holographic reality that you and I have been predominantly working and living within has recently dissolved because of the spike in the Schumann resonance, because of the greater concentration and intensified nature of the Photon energy around the planet, and the fact that humanity has been through three major eclipses and a number of major portal gateways that has led us to leave the third density Duality experience behind and move seamlessly and lovingly into this Fifth Density abundant Timeline. The Alchemy of Grace, the deeper and closer connection to the Divine is predominantly based around the ancient and sacred Hermetic principles.
Throughout this course you will discover how to do the following

  • Empower Yourself
  • Improve your health, wealth and vitality
  • Understand your reason for human existence
  • Express your true and authentic self
  • Implement healing processes in your life

Michael A Puskas

Michael is a 56yo seasoned professional of the entertainment industry with a 36 year track record in all facets of artist development, management, publishing, composition and touring. He has licensed music into some 50+ Feature Films and TV Series including, HBO, Viacom, Showtime, NBC, the WB, Sony Pictures, Lakeshore Entertainment, DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, MGM, Nickelodeon, A&E, FX, Bravo, Village Roadshow, MTV/VH1, Netflix, Amazon etc.

Michael has spearheaded and co-created many Lightworker Workshops, Performances and Indigenous presentations throughout his career which has spanned the globe. His accolades, awards and recognitions are numerous which validate his presence on Gaia as a worthy expression of higher Alchemic teaching and practices.


His organisations, Ikonic Artists, Sugarfilly Entertainment, Dead Famous International, Morning Glory Media Productions and Astral Records and Music have co created many successful artist careers for the Disney Group and numerous record labels around the world. Today he is a humble 56yo truth seeker, spiritual activist and Alchemist working in the healing language of high frequency music to raise the resonant vibration of Gaia's unified field.

Course reviews

Having been on a spiritual journey for many years I needed a composite understanding of how all the pieces fitted together. The empowered knowledge afforded to me by the course gave my power back.
Riki Buckingham
Musical Alchemist (England)
Living in India surrounded by the teachings of the Hindu Deity's gave me such an important grounding in the Hermetic principles of spiritual evolution. But the simplicity created by the Alchemy of Grace video modules made it easy for me to upgrade my consciousness and human outlook.
Maniswita Jaiswal
Spiritual Teacher (New Delhi)
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